Women in Tech: Michele McGough on managing the science and art of tech

Solutions4networks Founder and CEO Michele McGough says she learned by trial and error.

Michele McGough – Solutions4networks Founder and CEO

Michele McGough â?? Solutions4networks Founder and CEO

Summarize your experience and what you do now. Please give a brief summary of your current role/business.

Solutions4networks is a network engineering company specializing in VoIP, wireless, datacenter, router/switch, and security professional services. I am the CEO for the company.

Do you think that being a statistical minority in the Tech world has given you that extra push that you needed to become a top performer in your field?

Yes, it has made a difference but not exclusively. You still must have a keen focus and deliver value.

How did you choose the technical field from all other possibilities that were presented to you?

I learned by trial and error.  I found a job early in my 20s by networking and ended up loving the technology and the constant changes that kept me interested.

Do you think that the tech field provides the opportunity for you to think more creatively or to innovate more freely than other fields?

Yes, it is part science and part art.  While there are “rules” that need to be followed, every project has its own nuances.  We pursued a patent (and got it) based on our ability to be creative in addressing network analysis.

If you were asked to mentor a young woman interested in a tech career, how would you advise her?

If you love to learn, there are so many possibilities.

What are some of your proudest career achievements?

1. My first project with Alcoa several years ago.  My mother was a secretary at Alcoa and my Junior High Science project was on the mining of Bauxite.  I never imagined that one day I would have a company that did business with Alcoa.

2. Receiving numerous awards for the successes of my team and overall company.

3. Having an incredible team that works together so well.

Are you part of any women organizations? If so, how important have they been to your career/business?

Yes, Women President’s Organization, Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) and Give Me 5, which is created by WIPP and American Express OPEN to expand federal contracting opportunities for women-owned small businesses.

The Women President’s Organization has helped me considerably over the years by providing a safe place to discuss issues, vent, and get advice.

WIPP has provided a venue where I have learned that politics affect all of our businesses and women have be more engaged in the process. Decisions are made that impact us all and we need to be knowledgeable enough to influence those decisions in the right way. Participation in the Give Me 5 program has helped equip me to effectively bid on government contracts.

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