WordPress.com co-founder steps up to lead web dev company Automattic

Mullenweg also asserted that he is now ready to take on the demanding job of CEO, being that he is "30 and two days old."


Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, is under going a major leadership change this week.

Company founder Matt Mullenweg is stepping up to the role of chief executive officer, replacing Toni Schneider.

Naturally, also being the co-founder of the popular blogging service, Mullenweg announced the news in a blog post on Monday.

He clarified that Schneider won't actually be leaving Automattic, but rather focusing "on some of Automattic’s new products."

Internally this isn’t a big change as our roles have always been quite fluid, and I’ve had some recent practice filling in for him for a few months last year when he was on sabbatical.

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Mullenweg also asserted that he is now ready to take on the demanding job of CEO, quipping that "it’s obvious that no one in their twenties should run a company."

He concluded by citing that he is now "30 and two days old."

For reference, Mullenweg founded Automattic in 2005.

To reiterate, Automattic is the company supporting WordPress.com, with a defined separation between the commercial version of the software from the open source project.

Automattic also powers WordPress.com VIP, a premium service aimed at the enterprise with a much larger feature set, including support for custom code, 24/7 customer service and what is touted to be a more robust content management system.

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