World's top hackers to form new security firm

Hackers enter the commercial arena to show companies their vulnerabilty
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Ten of the world's "most well known and talented hackers," are to establish a new computer security company, Kent Browne of ethical hacking group Condemned.org announced at London's Infosec conference Thursday.

Browne says he was contacted by these individuals for advice on created and developing a company. The details of who will be employed and what the company will be called are not yet available. Browne also does not say whether these hackers have been involved in illegal activity or are so-called "ethical hackers" who steer away from unlawful actions.

Explaining why these hackers have decided to work for a commercial computer security company, Browne says, "The bottom line is, they're sick of companies thinking themselves secure when they're not and people billing themselves as hackers when they're not. Everyone is getting into it as there's a lot of money involved."

Not everyone is convinced it is a good idea. Technical manager of Symantec in Europe, Kevin Street argues that the transition from bad guys to good guys is not so clear cut. "The question is whether you can trust someone who used to do bad things?" queries Street. "Also, if they get hacked, do they have the right to complain and prosecute anyone?"

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