Would you use a ZDNet Facebook app?

All this talk about a Facebook's Open Graph news apps has got me thinking: should ZDNet develop its own Facebook news app, and if we did, would you use it?

On the one hand, Facebook Open Graph news apps have major problems, especially if you ask the technology geeks and nerds that make up the readership of websites like ZDNet. On the other hand, millions of Facebook users have already embraced the Open Graph for reading and sharing news; the results aren't surprising, but they are still impressive.

With the talk of the effectiveness and usefulness of Facebook news apps continuing, both users and publishers are trying to figure out where they stand. So I'm asking you, my readers: would you use a ZDNet Facebook app? Please vote in the poll below:

[poll id="3"]

I want to emphasize that I have no control over whether or not ZDNet develops its own Facebook news app, nor can do I have control whether or not Facebook is integrated into the ZDNet website. I have no knowledge of whether or not ZDNet is considering doing either the former or the latter. In short, this poll is not an official survey: I'm merely curious to see what my readers think of the idea.

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