Wyse targets Toshiba with wireless Winterm

Wyse Technology has made a brash stab at Toshiba's Libretto 50CT mini-PC saying it is not as good as Wyse's mobile NC, the Winterm 2930.

Wyse has just developed the wireless version of its Winterm thin client and is claiming a "technical edge" over rival products such as the Libretto, which was only officially launched two weeks ago .

The basis for the Wyse claim is fundamental to all PC versus NC arguments - that confidential data can be stored on a central server instead of the mobile device - and Wyse believes that this is good enough to convince potential users in vertical markets such as hospitals and factories that a wireless NC is more secure than a mini PC.

"If you lose the mobile unit you don't lose the data," said John Cummins, marketing director for Wyse UK. "When we launched it we thought it was just a vertical thing but response from our resellers' customers has shown that it has wider applications too. People like the fact that if the device is lost or stolen, confidential information will remain safe."

Wyse has jumped into bed with wireless computing specialist Cruise Technologies to develop the 2930, which integrates 2.4 GHz spread-spectrum frequency-hopping radio technology and a touchscreen. The 2930 provides an 8.5 inch backlit color viewing area with no mouse or keyboard required as the touchscreen emulates either style of input device, depending on user's preference. Current pricing is £1,980 + VAT.

Toshiba was unavailable for comment.

Wyse can be contacted by telephone on 01734-342200