Yahoo design chief jumps ship

CEO Marissa Mayer has imposed a number of design changes across Yahoo services, and the design team may be suffering casualties because of it.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer on

The senior vice president of Yahoo's User Experience Design department, Tim Parsey, has decided to leave the company.


First reported by AllThingsD, Parsey will be leaving Yahoo for greener pastures, and Yahoo has confirmed that the executive will be finishing at the tech firm this week.

The design chief's LinkedIn page says that his job at Yahoo involved both management and design, Parsey's ethos described as:

"This is about weaving a global UX and UER organization from the existing 200+ designers and researchers that today support an array of different businesses. It's part of a rather cool broader corporate transition project. It's also very much about establishing design as a potent, world-class entity that’s fun to be part of."

Although the designer says that he is very excited about "the correlation between internal cultures that are truly ‘meaningful’ to designers ( and other functions ), and world-class design innovation," recent changes to Yahoo have been met with criticism by users. The resdesign of Flickr this week, for example, prompted thousands of users to demand that Yahoo revert the design; in addition, the use of high resolution images has resulted in the website suffering outages.

Pasey has previously worked at establishments including Apple, Microsoft and Motorola.

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