Yanks' V-chip era is on schedule

The deployment of one of the Clinton administration's most valued weapons against too much sex and violence on U.S. televisions -- the V-chip -- is on schedule, Gloria Tristani, a Federal Communications Commissioner said on Wednesday.

Under terms of the 1995 Telecommunications Act, manufacturers of television sets sold in the U.S. were told to install software that would allow parents to block the reception of programs they considered unsuitable for their children. About a year ago, the FCC ruled that half of all new TV screens 13-inches or larger sold in the U.S. after July 1, 1999 would have to contain the V-chip and that by July 1, 2000, all sets 13 inches wide or larger will have to contain the devices, Tristani said. "I'm pleased to report today that all major television manufacturers will meet or beat these deadlines," she said.