YouTube is testing two new AI-powered features. Here's how they work

YouTube says its new tools will help creators connect with their audiences and allow viewers to better understand the videos they're watching.
Written by Jada Jones, Associate Editor
Screenshots of YouTube's new AI-powered comments tools

YouTube is testing two new features integrating generative AI into its viewing experience: The comment topics tool and the conversational AI tool. In a blog post, YouTube says these new features should help viewers better understand the content they're consuming and help creators connect with their audiences. Here's how they work.

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YouTube is experimenting with using AI to organize comment sections of long-form videos into themes and topics. With this tool, creators can see what their viewers are talking about in their comments to quickly join the conversation or create new videos based on their viewers' comments.

Creators can remove comment topics by deleting the comments found in a specific topic, and topics are only created by published comments, not comments that are blocked or under review.

Currently, comment topics are only available on a few English-speaking videos with vast comment sections.

YouTube's other new AI-powered tool is a conversational feature that helps viewers become more engaged with the video they are watching. While watching a video, viewers can get answers to questions they have about the video and receive recommendations for related videos without interruptions to video playback.

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According to YouTube, when someone is watching an educational video, the AI-powered conversational tool will give them quizzes and responses that encourage viewers to learn more. 

These two features are not available to the public yet. However, YouTube Premium members can opt-in to the comment topics tool and will soon be able to try the conversational AI tool

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