Zaha Hadid collaborates with Donna Karan

For her latest project, award winning architect Zaha Hadid goes small.

Buying a starchitect designed home or even a piece of furniture is probably far beyond the average person's reach. But this year, Donna Karan lets anyone own a small item designed by a famous architect. The bottle for Woman, Karan's newest frangance, was designed by the world's most famous female architect, Zaha Hadid.

Meant to celebrate womanhood, Karan's 11th fragrance was produced entirely by teams of women, from concept and development to marketing. Veronique Gabai-Pinsky, global president of Aramis & Designer Fragrances tells Cosmetic World, “This particular launch is unique in that only women were commissioned to conceptualize and create the fragrance." She adds that "This is also the first fragrance bottle Zaha Hadid has designed for Donna Karan.”

Hadid describes her design as "...a fluid form containing fluid. That works very well together." The dark grey glass of the bottle shows Hadid's signature curves, which are strong more than soft. The carved out middle makes the bottle easy to hold and the form makes you want to touch it.

It may be that modern materials and construction just haven't caught up to her vision, but small, sculptural pieces give a better sense of Hadid's aesthetics and talent than life size buildings that are forced to hold rooms and functions.

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Via: Cosmetic World

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