ZDNet blogtracks for 8/24/05: Hyperventilating on Google

Highlights from ZDNet blogs

Steve Gillmor is channeling the poet/insurance executive Wallace Stevens and his own brand of verbal zazen is his post "Attention Metaphor," a meditation on the inner soul of Google and his take on Goochat (Google Talk).

Bonus tracks: Dan Gillmor on "Google's Unnecessary Arrogance," Jason Kottke on WebOSs and Om Malik on "Grousing about Google." 

Paul Wainewright proclaims that Microsoft will not be able to stop the Google. "Microsoft's focus on desktop capability is the crux of why it can't possibly succeed against Google (or any future Google equivalent). It's focusing on yesterday's market."

Spyware Confidential's Suzi Turner, who just joined our blog network, points to documents that offer a view into the devious minds of spyware pushers.

Joe McKendrick identifies a problem that is holding up adoption SOA--a hairy mess when it comes to registries.

Our coverage of Intel's Developer Forum--look out AMD...

Podcast: The Dan & David Show