ZDNet Mobile News month in review: iPhones, Surface, and Laptops, oh my!

This little corner of ZDNet is always busy, and this month was no exception. Here's a breakdown of the top coverage in one convenient place.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor
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HP Revolve-- Image: James Kendrick/ZDNet

My home office, aka Mobile News Manor, is where all the tech coverage happens here. Unless it happens somewhere else in which case it's even more mobile. Wherever it happens, lots of gadgets and accessories for them go in and out the door so you can get the real scoop on them. Matter of fact, far too many are impressive enough to get the wallet out of the pocket. Here's the best of the best this month on ZDNet Mobile News

Popular articles

Kindle Fire HDX: When can you get one and how much will it cost?-- If your holiday gift plan includes one of the top new Kindle Fire tablets you may want to get your order in now.

Home workers: Get out and meet people-- This article struck a chord with readers who realize sitting in a comfy home office is not the best place to be every day.

Surface 2: How Microsoft can make it work-- This is my take on what Microsoft needs to do.

2 great new Surface tablets unveiled: Why I won't be buying either one-- The second generation Surface tablet line impressed me a lot but is missing what it takes to get my wallet open.

iPhone launch: The thrill is definitely gone-- There were lines as usual at Apple stores everywhere but no real surprises at the iPhone launch event, unlike years past.

10 reasons the ThinkPad Tablet 2 is a top Windows tablet-- After using this Atom-based tablet for a while I felt confident making this bold statement and explained why.

10 disadvantages Windows 8 tablets have compared to the iPad and Android-- A while back I listed the 10 advantages Windows tablets have over the competition, and evened the score by listing where they fall short in this article.

The minimalist design of iOS7 is sheer genius-- The release of iOS7 impressed me as detailed in this article, but a lot of readers disagreed with this view.

Making the case for an ARM-based MacBook-- This article was viewed as controversial by some but I believe Apple is working on it as you're reading this.

ThinkPad Power Bridge: Putting battery life in the hands of customers-- Lenovo has leveraged dual battery configurations for its popular ThinkPad line.

Logitech launches line of cases for Samsung Galaxy Tabs-- These cases by a major accessory maker, along with the ZAGG case in the reviews section below indicate that Samsung tablets are gaining traction in the tablet space. 

Gadget reviews

ZAGGkeys Folio Keyboard for Galaxy Note 8.0 (review)-- Samsung Galaxy tablets are beginning to attract the attention of major accessory makers.

MacBook Air revisited: 12 weeks in-- The Air was the first laptop to hit the market with Intel's Haswell technology and this second look details whether it's met expectations.

HP EliteBook Revolve 810 first impressions: Solid convertible notebook-- The title sums it up nicely, this is a good laptop for the enterprise.

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