Zetetic's Strip teases password hackers

Application lets you store all those passwords where hackers can't get at them.

Always forgetting your passwords? Perhaps you've resorted to writing them down, or hiding them in an "obscure" file on your hard drive?

A program from Zetetic Enterprises, released this week, lets users file system passwords securely on a PalmPilot using 128-bit encryption. Called STRIP (Secure Tool for Recalling Important Passwords), the program prevents script-savvy hackers from using trojans to get access to those secret files on your C: drive.

Because Strip uses 128-bit encryption, passwords will be safe even if your PalmPilot is stolen, or left on the train.

Strip is essentially a password and account manger for the Palm. It employs 96 or 128-bit block encryption of all databases, using the 3-way or Idea algorithms respectively. The database itself offers an easy-to-navigate interface, which allows logical groupings of systems and accounts, unlimited capacity for accounts, and a neat ability to attach free-form notes to accounts, which are themselves encrypted.

Strip introduces an automatic screen lock to the Pilot on power off, and even allows you to beam accounts to other Strip users over infra-red links, useful for distributed system administrators.

Simple single password protection is used by the legitimate Palm owner, although there is also the option to allow Strip to auto-generate random passwords for you.

Best of all, it's available as a free download.

Download Strip for your Palm and tell us what you think.

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