Zimbra Desktop 2.0 aims to unite social media and email

The desktop email software is free to download and combines content from Facebook, Twitter, Google Apps and other email accounts in one interface
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

VMware’s Zimbra has launched a new version of its desktop email software that aggregates social media and email feeds.

Zimbra Desktop 2.0 unites content from Facebook and Twitter, as well as from other email accounts such as Google Apps, in one interface. Jim Morrisroe, vice president of VMware’s Zimbra business, said at the launch on Tuesday that the product has been made freely downloadable to build grass-roots knowledge of the company. Zimbra is hoping that these downloads — 3 million on the client side so far — will raise its profile in IT departments.

Admin features in Desktop 2.0 include a single client that can be deployed across Mac, Windows and Linux computers, and a consistent feel across the desktop, mobile and web views of the software.

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Zimbra Desktop image

Zimbra Desktop unites content from Facebook, Twitter and Google Apps. Photo credit: Zimbra/ZDNet.com

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