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<p>Janice Chen is an editorial consultant and has been covering technology for over two decades. Serving as editor in chief at CNET and Computer Shopper magazine for many years, she oversaw product coverage for the CNET and ZDNet websites. She has appeared on most of the major morning TV news programs and was featured weekly on CNN Headline News' Hotwired segment recommending personal tech ranging from digital cameras to notebook PCs. Prior to that, she appeared with Anderson Cooper on a monthly technology segment for ABC World News This Morning. Quoted in numerous publications such as the New York Times, USA Today, and People magazine, Janice has also evaluated tech products for BusinessWeek, USA Weekend magazine, and Parenting magazine among others.</p> <p> Janice got her hands on a Nikon Coolpix 900 back in 1998 and has been a digital camera enthusiast ever since. A graduate of Cornell University, she resides in Maplewood, NJ, with her husband (a professional photographer who shot his last roll of film in 2003) and their two daughters. </p>

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New digital camera got you down? Surf for support before picking up the phone

New digital camera got you down? Surf for support before picking up the phone

Now that we've had some time to tinker with the new digital cameras that were unwrapped during the holidays, some of us are ready to throw in the towel. Whether just you can't figure out how something works (Manual? What manual?) or you have a more serious issue and need to update firmware or find out how to get warranty repairs, your first stop should be tech support from the camera manufacturer. All camera vendors offer some sort of support site online--some more helpful than others--where you can find FAQs, PDFs of user manuals, driver downloads, and more. The better sites have big knowledgebases that you can search or forums you can post questions to for support. Here's a quick linkfest to get you to your camera's support site quick:

December 30, 2007 by in Mobility