These are the least stressful jobs in tech

Life is stressful, but a job in tech doesn't need to be. The least stressful jobs in tech provide flexibility, stability, and fulfillment — and pay well, too.
Written by Melissa Sartore, Contributor

Want to work in tech but hate high-pressure work environments? Knowing your limits and preferences can help you determine which of the least stressful jobs in tech is right for you. 

Working in the fast-paced and competitive tech industry often means managing tight deadlines and heavy workloads. In 2021, information technology managers ranked high among the most stressful jobs in the United States. 

To help you stress less, we've gathered information about how to identify and secure some of the least stressful jobs in tech. 

How to spot the most stressful tech jobs

Numerous factors contribute to the stress level associated with a job, and not everyone finds the same factors stressful. For example, a laid-back job might be stressful for someone who likes a lot of structure.

External causes of stress include heavy pressure to perform under tight time constraints and high, or even unattainable, expectations. Other factors include: 

  • Fear of losing your job 
  • Having to pick up work amid personnel cutbacks
  • Long hours
  • A competitive workplace culture
  • Uncertainty about the future

You may encounter all of the above in the ever-changing tech industry. 

Putting pressure on yourself to perform further contributes to job-related stress. High expectations and limited recognition can make it difficult to avoid burnout, anxiety, and exhaustion.

Identifying which tech job fits requires some research. Before applying for a job in cybersecurity, for example, find out exactly what goes into the position and identify potential stressors. 

Look at workplace reviews on sites like Glassdoor to learn about company culture and expectations.

The least stressful tech jobs

Our list of the least stressful tech jobs features positions that avoid high-stress requirements and environments. 

These jobs, listed alphabetically, include roles that may feature remote work and flexible headlines. They also require relatively low levels of stress tolerance related to accepting criticism and dealing with high-stress situations. 

Computer hardware engineer

Avg. annual salary: $119,569 (May 2020)
Minimum education: Bachelor's degree
Required experience: Several years

What they do: Computer hardware engineers design computer hardware for commercial, industrial, military, and scientific use. They create, test, and install computer components and systems, document processes, and may supervise hardware manufacturing. 

What makes this job chill: Computer hardware engineers require technical knowledge and skills, but work duties are often carried out independently and on your own timeline.

What makes this job stressful: Staying abreast of the latest innovations in the field can be stressful. The competitive nature of the field may also lead to stress.

Database architect

Avg. annual salary: $98,860 (May 2020)
Minimum education: Bachelor's degree
Required experience: Several years

What they do: Database architects create databases to store information alongside standards for database operations, programming, processes, and security. They optimize data warehouse infrastructure and workflow, making adjustments as needed.

What makes this job chill: Database administrators spend much of their time programming, writing software, entering data, and processing information. They often work alone with limited deadlines.

What makes this job stressful: Database administrators may need to coordinate with employers about database needs and changes. Security or database function issues may lead to stressful situations.

Data scientist

Avg. annual salary: $97,160 (Feb. 2022)
Minimum education: Bachelor's degree
Required experience: Several years

What they do: Data scientists use computers to assess datasets. Data scientists help organizations solve problems and resolve challenges with their modeling, statistics, analytics, and mathematics knowledge.

What makes this job chill: Data scientists work with computers and numbers, often independently. The stress level depends upon your employer and your field.

What makes this job stressful: A role that requires business and technical skills, data science may require long hours and tight deadlines.

Technical writer

Avg. annual salary: $74,650 (May 2020)
Minimum education: Associate degree 
Required experience: None 

What they do: Technical writers take technical information and condense it into operations and maintenance instructions. They edit content to increase readability and clarity.

What makes this job chill: Technical writers often work independently, compiling technical information and documentation after consultation with a group or team. Most communication can be done electronically.

What makes this job stressful: Technical writing requires accuracy, attention to detail, and understanding of highly technical information. Deadlines may produce stress for some technical writers. 

Web analytics developer

Avg. annual salary: $67,190 (Aug. 2019)
Minimum education: Bachelor's degree
Required experience: Some experience preferred

What they do: Web analytics developers design tools to assess online traffic, marketing, and business performance. They identify keywords and related search engine tactics to optimize website performance.

What makes this job chill: Web analytics on an existing website is an ongoing project with few deadlines. Coding, software testing, and website maintenance can be done independently.

What makes this job stressful: Web analytics developers often share their findings with fellow employees via presentations and reports. 

Web developer

Avg. annual salary: $77,200 (May 2022)
Minimum education: High school diploma or undergraduate degree 
Required experience: Depends on education level

What they do: Once you become a web developer, you create and maintain websites for clients. They test applications, interfaces, and menus; integrate graphics, video, and audio; and monitor traffic and website performance.

What makes this job chill: Creating and maintaining a website involves few time pressures and flexible hours. Web developers often communicate with colleagues and clients electronically.

What makes this job stressful: Should a problem with a website arise, web developers may need to work quickly to fix it. Additional stressors include security issues, potential deadlines, and interacting with clients and colleagues.

Less-stressful industries for tech professionals

The least stressful jobs for tech professionals exist across industries. For example, technical writers work in healthcare, research and development, and manufacturing. Web developers offer their services throughout the public and private sectors. 

With the proliferation of online business, communication, and information gathering, tech professionals remain in demand. 

Whether you find a job as a contractor or full-time employee, tech roles in government and information technology are stable and available. 

In conclusion

Jobs without any stress don't exist, but finding a job with minimal stress is just a few clicks away. Whether you want to move out of a high-pressure tech position or enter the tech industry with minimal pressure from the get-go, you have options. 

The least stressful jobs in tech provide you opportunities to use what you know and turn it into a rewarding but low-pressure career. 

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