Codecademy launches B2B offering for technical training

Teams+ is built to help companies retain and upskill talent.
Written by Jonathan Greig, Contributor

Codecademy has unveiled a new B2B offering -- Teams+ -- designed to help organizations upskill, onboard and retain key talent. 

The new Teams+ platform allows companies to use the platform's library of technical content and interactive learning features to create a curriculum for their needs. 

"Employees are retained when they are properly onboarded, given the opportunities to learn and grow from within, and eventually promoted -- all of which can be accomplished through technical training," said Jonathan Naymark, general manager of Codecademy for Business. 

"Organizations need to invest in training programs that address the entire employee lifecycle; otherwise, they will fall behind when it comes to attracting and retaining talent, as well as keeping their teams' skills up to date."

Teams+ allows users to build their own curriculum thanks to the platform's skill paths that can be tailored for employees at any stage in their career. With Teams+, companies can create quizzes, articles and assessments to teach whatever they need. 

The programs can also be built to certain group learners based on the team they currently work on or their department and subject area. 

"Team members can also collaborate on coding projects in real-time via private, shareable workspaces," Codecademy explained in a statement. 

"Organizations gain full visibility into how individuals and groups are progressing and performing with their assigned content, helping them keep track of how well they are hitting their training goals."

Adam Godson, chief product officer at AI recruiting company Paradox, said his company has used the Teams+ tool because investing in their employees is important to the success of their business and their workers.

"Codecademy for Business equips us with the technical skills and education tools we need to be an industry leader while keeping our employees engaged, motivated, and connected to one another through learning," Godson said.  

In a survey that accompanied the announcement of Teams+, Codecademy found that respondents were reporting decreasing retention rates over the last year, which hurt team morale. For three-fourths of all respondents creating initiatives to address the issue, almost 60% said they are using technical training as a way to keep key employees. 

Johnnie Weathersby, senior BI data analyst at The Motley Fool, said Codecademy has been an asset in their efforts to increase technical skills around various points of the company and added that it has helped "move training participants from unfamiliar-to-conversant and from conversant-to-practitioners in the realm of coding." 

Codecademy has been expanding its B2B offerings since unveiling Codecademy for Business in 2019. According to the company, the program has since doubled its revenue in 2021 and is being used by more than 850 customers right now. 

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