Bank of America hit by online banking outage

Update 3: By 4 p.m. Bank of America's online banking systems were back up.
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Update 3: By 4 p.m. Bank of America's online banking systems were back up.  

Update 2: Safe to say this is more than a hiccup so changed the headline accordingly. Representatives at New York City branch says online systems have been down "all day" due to a network issue. Brick and mortar bank systems are running as usual so if you have a transaction to make head to a branch.

Bank of America spokeswoman Betty Riess says the online banking system went down beginning at about 10 a.m. EST and it was being brought back up as of 2 p.m. EST. Riess says the outage was due to a "hardware related issue." No further details were immediately available.

As of 3:30 p.m EST, I still didn't have access. 

Update 1: Now this outage appears to be lingering.  Checked back with Bank of America at 1:07 p.m. EST and got:

"Online Banking is temporarily unavailable for NJ customers. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please wait a few minutes and try again."

Customers in Massachusetts get the same message. 

Initial post: 

Bank of America appears to be having internal system problems in their online banking applications.

The bank's site works fine and log-in goes as usual. But the problems start when you try to go deeper than your account balances to conduct transactions or see recent ones.

Any transaction attempted gets the following message:

"An error occurred in the processing of your request. The request has not been performed. You have been taken to the Accounts Overview Screen. You will want to resubmit the request."

Then you resubmit and get the same thing. A call into the Bank of America's customer service department features a recorded message that notes that "associates don't have access to account information." A spokeswoman for Bank of America was looking into the issue, the severity of it and whether it's a national or regional glitch. I'll update when she gets back to me.

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