FTFTX: Real-time cryptocurrency market data and trading platform launches

Future FinTech Group and FTFT Capital Investments say the platform will provide investors with real-time data by aggregating trading information from a large number of cryptocurrency exchanges.
Written by Marc Wojno, Senior Editor on

Future FinTech Group announced Monday that its newly-formed, Dubai-based FTFT Capital Investments unit has introduced a real-time global cryptocurrency market and trading data platform. Called FTFTX, the platform aggregates trading and market information from a variety of global cryptocurrency exchanges for both individual and institutional investors.

According to the company's press release, FTFTX will provide access to market rates from the aggregation of data from exchanges and liquidity pools around the world, resources for trading and investment strategies, and sector news. Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, and TRON are among the major cryptocurrency exchanges listed on FTFTX.

FTFT Capital said it believes FTFTX will help its users makes make informed investment decisions by providing them with real-time market data as well as the potential to achieve optimal pricing and lower transaction costs, according to the release.

The past month has been a very busy time for New York-based Future FinTech. The news of FTFTX comes just four days after the company announced the creation of a new blockchain division to "develop, operate, and manage [its] bitcoin mining farm plans in the United States and Paraguay." In mid-December 2021, the company reported that it entered into an agreement with Ohio-based APC Service to build a crypto mining farm in Ohio. The mining farm will have a first project phase of 50MW of processing power which could expand to a total project size of 300MW.

Future FinTech CEO Shanchun Huang said last week that the company is intent upon executing a global expansion strategy for its cryptocurrency mining business.  

"As we begin the New Year, FTFT continues to pursue the goal of becoming one of the world's most active and influential digital currency and crypto asset trading and management services providers," Huang said in today's announcement.

Future FinTech had a rough 2021, with total returns down nearly 30% during the calendar year, closing the year at $1.33 a share. The latest news, however, has given the company's shares a boost. In the first few hours of trading in 2022, Future FinTech's shares are up 7%.

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