Microsoft kills adCenter Analytics

Microsoft has pulled the plug on adCenter Analytics -- the product formerly known as "Gatineau" -- before it ever had a chance to exit beta.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft has pulled the plug on adCenter Analytics -- the product formerly known as "Gatineau" -- before it ever had a chance to exit beta.

LiveSide.Net has more on the adCenter Analytics closure. Testers received a letter from Microsoft on March 12 to let them know that it was discontinuing the analytics test.

In a new posting on Microsoft's adCenter Analytics blog, Microsoft notified testers that the analytics product was being discontinued. Testers have until December 31, 2009, to copy their historical data. From the blog post:

"Please note that all hosted services, data collection, and technical support will end at that time. If you would like to save your historical data, please use the export feature to download your reports before December 31, 2009."

There's no reason given for Microsoft's decision to discontinue Gatineau, which started out as a standalone analytics program and was later folded into the adCenter platform. And there's no clear indication as to what Microsoft is planning next in the ad-analytics space -- beyond some kind of "tailored solution that meets more specialized needs" of advertisers and publishers.

I asked Microsoft if there was any further info on its analytics plans. No word back yet. The official statement via a spokesperson (which doesn't go very far beyond what's posted on the Analytics team blog):

"At this time, we don't have an 'off the shelf' service to replace adCenter analytics. We're always looking at new ways to build and develop effective, relevant and cost-effective solutions to enable advertisers to better engage with their customers and to help publishers gain greater value from their inventory. We will continue to apply the learnings from the adCenter Analytics beta in our planning going forward."

Any adCenter analytics users out there want to share their two cents on what you liked/didn't about the product -- and what you're hoping Microsoft does (or doesn't) do next in this space?

Update: Just heard from one user via e-mail, who requested anonymity. He said:

"Drives me crazy that they bought DeepMetrix, pulled those products (we used the metrics software at the time), then killed them off.  I have lost count of the times they have done this to us.  Google Analytics, here we come!"

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