Students are online. Should elections be too?

Washington legislator wants to move voter registration at least online, with an eye towards actually being able to vote in front of your computer.
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Would politicians take college students a bit more seriously if they voted? Some lawmakers in Washington state say that college students are so plugged into the Internet that voting should be done online, allowing everyone to have a better showing at the polls, reports Northwest Public Radio.

A new proposal in the Washington Legislature would allow voters to register online. Western Washington University sophomore Sasha Sleiman says students might be more likely to sign up if they can do it online.

"Students spend a lot of time online. We do our banking online, our class registrations are online ... our friends are online. We do everything online, so I think this is a great move to the 21st century and would really help students get out the vote. And I know we need a lot more students voting," said Sleiman.

The current proposal would only let people sign up for their voting card online. But if it passes, it would be a step in getting people more comfortable with online voting.

Critics of online voting are afraid that that insecure servers could be easily tampered. Until voters can be assured that that their votes can be accounted for, online voting shouldn't be allowed, they say.

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