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A flip of the on switch: Utah wind project goes online

Utah wind farm will power 45,000 in southern California with clean wind energy.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

The California cities of Los Angeles, Burbank and Pasadena just got a new source of energy: The 203 megawatt Milford Wind Corridor Project, which is now online.

The 97 turbines located in Milford, Utah, will power about 45,000 homes in southern California with clean wind energy. This is the first phase of the project, which has already brought about $86 million to the Utah economy. It took about a year to get these turbines in place. The construction was handled by RMT, an environmental consulting and wind farm development company, and the project was backed by developer/owner First Wind, which is based in Boston. There were many many supporters for the project at the state, federal and private sector level.

This press release goes through more specifics of the project.

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