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AOL, CIS combination NBG for users - Demon

AOL and CompuServe may be staying tight-lipped on a possible merger but that hasn't stopped industry pundits discussing the likely fallout of such a deal.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

"If the two merge, that really only leaves MSN plus the bigger AOL [as Internet access services with proprietary content]," said James Gardiner, marketing manager at leading ISP, Demon Internet. "Also, AOL is conference-based and CompuServe is Web-based. The content is very different. If I was a CompuServe subscriber I wouldn't be happy moving to AOL and vice-versa. Both companies are in trouble and it's not clear how this company will fund itself.

"We have yet to see someone who can provide content and infrastructure at the same time. If a company tries it always seems to pull the resources lob-sided."

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