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Broadband pricing row heats up

After years of criticism over pricing, BT says it now wants to cut broadband prices, but Oftel and other ISPs are not quite so keen on the idea. A ZDNet UK news focus
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor
BT throws down broadband gauntlet
Fri 8 Feb:
Chief executive Ben Verwaayen is on the verge of revealing significantly lower broadband prices, and effectively daring Oftel to block them Operator tries to block BT broadband price cuts
Fri 8 Feb:
Internet users may welcome a cut in the cost of ADSL, but a BT rival believes it will be curtains for competition in the wholesale market BT confirms broadband price cuts
Thurs 7 Feb:
The telecoms giant plans to cut prices on ADSL 'substantially' to stimulate consumer demand, as new chief Verwaayen makes broadband central to BT's strategy Select committee told 'BT must lose local loop'
Wed 6 Feb:
Cable & Wireless insist that making BT demerge its local telephone exchanges would benefit the UK telecoms industry, including BT itself Rural areas face 20 year wait for broadband
Tues 5 Feb:
Unless the government makes a significant financial contribution to broadband, BT predicts it could be 2022 before some parts of the UK get the chance to sign up for ADSL Oftel could block BT broadband price cut
Tues 5 Feb:
Talk of halving the cost of broadband may be premature, if the regulator forces BT to reverse cuts in the price of ADSL Europeans shy away from broadband
Tues 5 Feb:
Most European consumers have been scared away from high-speed Internet access by lack of awareness and steep prices BT set to cut broadband prices
Mon 4 Feb:
Talk of a 50 percent cut in the cost of ADSL may just be speculation, but a series of key price cuts are predicted for the coming months
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