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Bulldog keeps rolling out faster broadband services

Customers who move quickly could get 2Mbps Internet access at off-peak times for less than £30 a month
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

More people will be able to sign up for Bulldog's one megabit per second (1Mbps) and 2Mbps broadband services after the telco completed a further expansion of its network coverage.

Bulldog announced on Thursday that it has begun offering its services from another 205 local telephone exchanges, raising the total number of exchanges from which it operates to 450.

These latest local exchanges are sited in major towns and cities across England -- making Bulldog a more significant national broadband provider. Previously, its network was limited to London and the south-east of England.

"As ever we remain committed to expanding our high bandwidth services across the UK. Right now, we're very excited to be offering additional availability in selected Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Cambridge exchanges, as well as providing ubiquitous coverage of the London area," said Richard Greco, chief executive of Bulldog, in a statement.

Bulldog offers several broadband products that are faster than the standard consumer ADSL provided by BT and resold by almost all the UK's ISPs. This range includes Bulldog's PrimeTime products, which give bandwidth of up to 6Mbps at evenings and weekends, but fall to 512Kbps at other times.

PrimeTime 2000 has a maximum off-peak speed of 2Mbps, and Bulldog also said on Thursday that customers who sign up for it before the end of August will be charged around £30 per month for the first year.

Click here to see if Bulldog's services are available from your local exchange.

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