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Chinese site struck by Denial of Service attack

China's IT163.com falls to hackers
Written by Will Knight, Contributor on

One of China's largest Internet commerce sites has become the latest victim of a Denial of Service attack, according to reports in China's press.

IT163.com, which sells goods from China's top 50 retailers, was rendered inoperative by a distributed Denial of Service (DoS) strike on Thursday, said Chinese reports. The Web site remains inactive.

The attack is very similar to those that felled US e-commerce sites Yahoo!, eBay, ETrade, CNN and ZDNet.com last month. The technique involves sending an unusually large amount of meaningless traffic to a Web server from various compromised computers.

Recent disruption to Taiwanese Web sites was linked to conflict between the Taiwanese and Chinese governments, although the dispute has not been linked to this latest attack.

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