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Demon boss 'looking at other opportunities'

Scottish Telecom, owner of leading UK ISP Demon Internet, today confirmed that MD Roy Bliss had left the company.
Written by Rupert Goodwins, Contributor

A spokeswoman for Scottish Telecom said: "Roy has indeed left. He has a very entrepreneurial spirit and is looking at other opportunities. We were very pleased at what he did here in bringing Demon into the Scottish Telecom portfolio. We wish him success."

She categorically denied reports that he had been fired.

Sources close to Demon said that Bliss' departure was part of a comprehensive restructuring being carried out by Scottish Telecom's CEO, Bill Allen. "Basically, Roy went on holiday and didn't come back," said the sources. "Allen's having a night of the long knives prior to Scottish Telecom being put up for sale or floated -- they're not sure which. If they can find a single purchaser willing to part with two billion pounds, they may not bother to float."

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