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Freeserve launches legal service on Net

An Internet legal service launched today by Freeserve and Epoch will "revolutionise" the legal profession according to managing director of LawNet Duncan Finlyson.
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

Users will be able to download legal letters, wills, trusts, employment agreements, guarantees, terms and conditions and property agreements from the Freeserve site. Using software from Epoch, which is also available free, users will be able to customise documents according to his or her requirements.

Designed for people with no specialist training the service provides three levels of support to help with assembling documents, including one hour's telephone access to a lawyer and referral to a local solicitor for further consultation.

The service is supported by over 1,500 solicitors from the LawNet group of firms. Richard Cohen, partner at London law firm Landau & Cohen believes the service will open up legal services to those who could not afford it previously. "We feel that there is a strong need for a service that people, who may have been denied access to the law on grounds of cost, truly deserve," he said.

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