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Having a snail of a time!

World's first ever online snail race, organised by Blue Square, is a trailblazing new entry onto the gambling scene
Written by Rachel Munro, Contributor

The first ever snail race in the world to be broadcast on the Web took place Monday, at bluesquare.com.

UK betting service Blue Square organised the race, which involved six snails racing up 427mm poles away from water. Snails were randomly chosen and colour-coded, and every snail given odds of 4-1.

Races are to take place every day at 12:30pm from Monday through to Saturday, and you can tune in for live streaming coverage.

In today's race, the "black" snail roared to the finishing line like a true pro, while the less orthodox "red" snail left its own pole and began climbing up the blue one.

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