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​KT, UN to build big data contagion prevention system

South Korean telco KT will cooperate with the UN to build a big data-based contagion prevention system under a memorandum of understanding (MOU).
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

South Korean telco KT and the United Nations (UN) have signed a MOU to build a big data system that will be used for global contagion prevention.

KT, UN Global Compact, and UN Global Compact Foundation signed the MOU in New York late Monday, attended by KT chairman Hwang Chang-gyu, UN Global Compact executive director Lise Kingo, and UN Global Compact Foundation chairman Sir Mark Moody-Stuart.

Hwang first proposed at the UNFC Leaders summit in June that global telcos share data to prevent contagions from spreading, in the wake of the Zika virus in Brazil. The chairman asked the UN to relax regulations over private information and has asked the building of the system be on the co-agenda for members.

The MOU is a direct follow up to the proposal. It will allow the telco to continue to attend UNFC Leaders Summit and SDG's Business Forum and expand partnerships with members to realize the system, the company said.

KT said it wanted to use its artificial intelligence (AI) technology and big data algorithm for the building of the system.

"IT technology will be used to relax uncertainties over the spread of contagions," said Hwang in a statement. "We will strive to cooperate with UNFC to resolve problems faced by humanity in the future."

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