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LinuxWorld: Easy to use versions of Linux about to ship

Anyone eager to experience the joys of Linux but unnerved by the thought of the operating system's renowned complexities will soon be able to get their hands on two new easy-to-use versions.
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Caldera announced today that the OpenLinux 2.3 version of the Linux operating system, which contains the particularly user-friendly "point and click" Lizard install, will be made available for download from the Caldera web site from September 3. This new version of OpenLinux will cost $49.

Another version of Linux, aimed at getting less technically minded users to join the open-source revolution, is currently being previewed at the LinuxWorld Expo. RunOnCd 1.0, from a company called Easy Linux Korea, promises quick and easy installation and is even more modestly priced than OpenLinux at just $19.

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