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Mitsubishi to throw hat back in portable PC ring

Mitsubishi Electric is making a return to portable PCs after a three-year absence in the UK.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

Japanese giant Mitsubishi hasn't played in the mobile PC space since even before it ditched the Apricot name, preferring to concentrate on desktops and servers. Now, the company plans to bow to customer demand by shipping a line of units from early 1998.

They will include the Pedium ultra-thin notebook that is just 1.5cm-thick, and a range of orthodox A4 units. The firm is also pondering whether to give a UK debut to the Amity, an unusual design that accepts pen and keyboard input.

Group marketing communications director James Blackledge said Mitsubishi would skip entry-level notebooks and focus on mid-range, high-end and vertical markets.

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