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News to know: iPhone 3G; MobileMe; Office 14; Home Server fix

First, the non-Apple news. (Scroll down for major dose of WWDC 2008 links.
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First, the non-Apple news. (Scroll down for major dose of WWDC 2008 links.)

Mary Jo Foley:

Ed Bott: Windows Home Server gets a big bug fix (and much more)

Paul Murphy: Windows vs Unix: Breaking the dialogues of the deaf

Nathan McFeters in Zero Day Security:

Paula Rooney: Citrix integrates security appliance with XenDesktop

Harry Fuller: More oil refineries coming right up. Will this stunt cleantech growth?

Heather Clancy:SCE adds to its solar energy portfolio in deal with eSolar

Dana Blankenhorn: How much will Microsoft's Sandcastle boo-boo hurt?

John Morris: HP's Blackbird 002 to be available in retail

Larry Dignan: Icahn miffed at Yahoo response; Has Google envy too

HP rolls out laptop armada; Voodoo Envy targets MacBook Air

Amazon invests in user-generated shopping channel Talk Market

Dana Gardner: Serena's Mashup Composer ushers content and widgets to on-demand business mashups

Ryan Stewart: Silverlight 2 Beta 2 Released

Dan Kusnetzky: Is Virtual Storage required for datacenter agility?

Jason Hiner:Sanity check: Will IT 2.0 eliminate the geeks or spawn a new breed?

Andrew Nusca:Samsung announces 3G 'iPhone killer' [right]

Apple's World Wide Developers Conference...

MobileMe: iPhone finally gets OTA syncing - for a price (updated)

Jobs' Apple as premier platform mantra to accelerate

Jobs: iPhone 3G; firmware 2.0

Ed Burnette: WWDC 2008 live blogging

Video from World Wide Developers Conference

More WWDB 2008 Video...

TechRepublic: Steve Jobs introduces - The Macintosh


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