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NextDC's Perth datacentre picked for APX cables' landing station

Bevan Slattery's new business SubPartners has picked his old business, NextDC's Perth datacentre, for the landing station for the APX-Central and APX-West cables.
Written by Josh Taylor, Contributor

SubPartners has signed a deal with NextDC to use the company's P1 datacentre in Perth for the landing station for its APX-West and APX-Central submarine cables.

The APX-West cable will be 4,700km long, connecting Perth to Changi North in Singapore with branches in Jakarta, Indonesia and Christmas Island. It will have 4 fibre pairs, 55 repeaters, between 48 and 60 wavelengths per pair and 100Gbps capacity per wavelength, and an initial design capacity of up to 32Tbps.

The previous timetable planned for the cable to go live in early 2015, but the company now estimates it will be ready for service in the third quarter of 2016.

The APX-Central cable also has four fibre pairs, and an initial capacity of 32Tbps. It will connect from Perth to Sydney with branches in Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart, and is expected to be ready for service in the third quarter of 2016.

SubPartners CEO and co-founder Bevan Slattery announced today that NextDC's P1 datacentre would be picked for the landing station for both cables, and was picked due to the space and power capacity available in the Tier III-certified datacentre.

The cable head ends for both cables will be deployed in P1, which SubPartners said will make P1 the primary interconnection point to access spectrum and capacity on both cables.

"NextDC's P1 facility provides a well-managed and highly available datacentre that will compliment the strengths and advantages of APX-West and APX-Central very well. Using P1 will also help us in maintaining our aggressive project timelines to deliver APX-West and APX-Central," Slattery said in a statement.

NextDC CEO Craig Scroggie said the deal would also benefit NextDC customers.

"Having these two submarine cable systems terminate in P1, providing direct connectivity solutions between Singapore, Perth and Sydney, will be a significant advantage for our customers," he said.

Telstra has already signed up for spectrum on the APX-West cable.

NextDC was also founded by Slattery, but the entrepreneur stepped away from the business in July last year, stating he was spread too thin across the companies he has founded. Slattery now focuses on SubPartners, and Asia-Pacific network interconnection company Megaport.

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