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No reconnection for iBOSS and One Seniors customers

Customers of iBOSS and One Seniors, who lost their service last Friday when the telecommunications companies went into administration will not be reconnected, according to Vocus Communications, which has acquired the failed telcos' business.
Written by Leon Spencer, Contributor

Vocus Communications announced today that the customers who lost their services when telecommunications businesses, iBOSS and One Seniors, went into administration last Friday will not be reconnected.

Vocus, which revealed yesterday it had acquired the failed telcos' business, said that although it had been working "around the clock" to restore services, customers would now have to reconnect by signing up for a new service.

"It is with great regret we have to announce that we have been unsuccessful," said Vocus in a statement released today. "Due to the complexity of the web of companies of the previous owners and the lack of support of the other telecommunications suppliers (other than Telstra) it is not possible to get the user services back online.

"Rather than protract the uncertainty any further, regrettably we have to confirm that existing One Seniors and One Telecom services will not be reconnected. The only way for these services to be activated is for each customer to sign up for a new service," the Australian-listed company said.

Vocus came forward this week as the buyer of iBOSS and One Telecom — which operates One Seniors, a telecommunications business for the over 55s.

The business of the companies, both subsidiaries of AsiaPAC Communications Group, was put up for a quick sale over the weekend by administrator Ferrier Hodgson, after they and their parent company went into administration last Friday.

Vocus said it had been working with internet service provider iPrimus to enable new services for affected customers, with iPrimus setting up a dedicated call centre to assist transitioning One Seniors and One Telecom customers to a new connection.

"To ensure continuity of services all services must be connected via iPrimus or another provider, including any services that are still active and working," said Vocus.

"We have done, and continue to do, everything within our power to minimise the impact to One Seniors and One Telecom customers. The arrangement with iPrimus is the best outcome and represents the most simple for users to get access to services again," it said.

Vocus said it is contacting all customers by letter, email, phone, text messages, and through social media channels to advise them of the situation.

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