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Palm and DoCoMo to do wireless PDA

Palm and Japan's DoCoMo get together for handheld Net access
Written by Richard Barry, Contributor

A handheld device jointly created by DoCoMo, Japan's dominant mobile operator, and Palm will be available to Japanese consumers next year.

The two are in talks about a wireless PDA for the Japanese market that will access the Internet and give Palm a fighting chance in a difficult market.

3Com, Palm's parent company, signed an agreement with DoCoMo last June to jointly develop handheld services and devices.

A Palm spokesperson confirmed that the PDA would go on sale in Japan sometime during the first half of 2001. However, Palm would not discuss whether it would sell the device in Europe.

DoCoMo's i-mode mobile phones are very popular in Japan, where they are used to browse the Internet, trade stocks and make banking transactions. However, the i-mode service has suffered recent crashes due to excessive demand.

DoCoMo is planning to launch a 3G service in Europe.

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