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Travel takes off on the Net

UK travel sites do well on the Web
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor on

UK holidaymakers are booking over the Internet, according to the latest report published on Monday.

In January, UK travel sites doubled their number of visitors compared to December, Internet audience measurement firm MMXI reports. Lastminute.com, valued at £345m, was the most visited travel site in January, with 310,000 unique visitors. It beat British Airways, Expedia and EasyJet to the top place.

Managing director of MMXI Europe, Mari Kim Coleman, believes it is the start of a new trend. "UK consumers have finally found the travel sites on the Web. At this time of year it is traditional for people to book holidays, and our figures show UK consumers are using the Internet to do that," she said.

According to MMXI, Freeserve (quote: FRE) was the most popular Web site in January, with over 2.5 million unique visitors. In second place was Microsoft, followed by Yahoo, MSN and Demon. The UK's second biggest ISP, AOL, did not make it into the top 10.

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