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Google's Hire can now recommend job candidates to recruiters

The recruiting app can now create a list of past job candidates who may be well-suited for new openings.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

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Google on Wednesday announced an update to Hire, a recruiting app designed for small and medium-sized businesses that use G Suite. The app now has a feature in beta called candidate discovery, which helps recruiters find past job candidates who could be a good fit for new openings.

To highlight what a time-saver this could be for recruiters, Google points out that companies typically engage with around 250 candidates before filling a position.

The new tool makes it easy to review past candidates, Google said, by creating a list based on a candidate's job description, location, and how their profile matches up with the new opening. When recruiters search for qualified prior candidates, they don't need to worry about using precise search keywords. For instance, Google said the feature could take a phrase like "sales manager Bay Area" and bring back candidates with relevant job skills who are based in Bay Area cities.

Additionally, the tool lets recruiters filter results based on previous interactions with candidates. For instance, a recruiter may only want to review candidates who were previously offered a job or received positive feedback from an interview.

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