AI could conduct your next job interview - meet Braintrust Air

This AI application can supposedly do everything from finding candidates to conducting interviews.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
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The job search process can be brutal. Finding roles that best meet your expectations, submitting everything required for a job application, and undergoing multiple rounds of interviews is time consuming and exhausting. On Monday, Braintrust unveiled AIR, an AI recruiter tool meant to handle the entire experience for recruiters and applicants. 

Braintrust describes AIR as the "first fully autonomous AI Recruiter." The tool is designed to handle everything from sourcing candidates and sifting through submitted applications, to even interviewing the candidates themselves, as seen in the video below. 

The startup claims AIR can help human resources associates put together the job listing, including writing the job description and even figuring out what the position should be paid based on real-time market rates. AIR can then help post the job opening to job boards. 

Once applications are submitted, AIR can review them in minutes and provide recruiters with the best candidate matches. AIR can even schedule and interview applicants via a video call, automatically generating questions that can be tailored by the company to meet their needs, providing in-call insights, and verbally keeping the interview going.

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After AIR conducts the interviews, the tool presents the hiring manager with the best five candidates. The hiring manager can then choose to do a final screen themselves.

Having an AI tool select and filter candidates from applications and video calls raises questions regarding potential bias in the AI models. Since AI models are trained on large amounts of data, human biases can be baked in, as seen in a Bloomberg resume ranking experiment that found that OpenAI's GPT is biased when filtering through resumes based on just applicant names.

In an attempt to address this concern, BrainTrust co-founder Adam Jackson says in the video, "AIR has also been trained to overcome common human biases, which makes for a more level playing field for applicants and a better, more diverse, and meritocratic workforce for the hiring manager."

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In addition to making the process quicker and smoother for the hiring team, AIR can help applicants too. During the interview, AIR can give applicants coaching tips regarding their responses, and feedback if they didn't get the job after an interview. 

AIR is not yet available, but businesses can join a waitlist on BrainTrust's website. If you are a recruiter interested in applying AI to your workflow today, LinkedIn offers its own AI recruiting tools.

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