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Microsoft rebrands its news feed as 'Microsoft Start'

Microsoft is introducing new 'Microsoft Start' branding for its news and content feed across Windows 11, 10, iOS, Android and the Web.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor on

Microsoft is rebranding its MSN and Microsoft News sites as "Microsoft Start" beginning today, September 7. Like MSN News and Microsoft News, Microsoft Start is a personalized news feed and a bunch of other informational content like weather, sports, stocks and traffic.

Microsoft already uses "Start" to refer to its Windows Start Menu and Start Button. Officials use the tagline "Start with the information you need" to explain why they're rebranding the news feed with "Start."

Microsoft is making the Start feed available in a variety of ways:

  • As a standalone website (available on Microsoft Edge and Chrome) - MicrosoftStart.com
  • As a mobile app on both Android and iOS
  • From the News and Interests experience on the Windows 10 taskbar
  • From the Widgets experience in Windows 11
  • From the Microsoft Edge new tab page

Microsoft Start is replacing MSN News and Microsoft News. However, for some reason, Microsoft officials said they would continue to make available and use the MSN branding, despite the introduction of Start.

Microsoft has a Web Experiences Team (WebXT), encompassing Bing, Edge, MSN/Microsoft News, and content services, including maps. Many (most? all?) of the product decisions by this team seem to be focused on driving Bing to search and advertising profits.

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