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Digital age calls for new way of work

In this digital age, the modern workplace must take advantage of the amount of data that can be accessed.

Organisations are working in very exciting times! They are no longer waiting or just talking about the fourth industrial revolution, because the world is right in the middle of it. Companies all over the world have created more data within the last two years than all of time before that.

In this digital age, the modern workplace must take advantage of the amount of data that can be accessed, so they can stay nimble and agile.

When I moved into my latest role as Microsoft 365 Business Group Director in the last 12 months, I was really astounded by the amount of use of cloud technology and the way customers are using cloud to change the way they work. At Microsoft we are beginning to see our customers take advantage of that data sitting in the cloud and using intelligent tools.

There's been a real fundamental shift in the way people look at storing data in the cloud. Previously, organisations wouldn't take advantage of the digital revolution in the cloud because of concerns around security. That really is being overcome by companies that can secure the ID and the information in the processes around the identification.

That is pivotal to Microsoft solutions.This ability to use the data gives companies the opportunity to really help employees to become more empowered and enjoy a lot more of what they are doing. We are seeing a number of our education customers, like universities, use cloud collaboration tools like Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams. These tools enable students, no matter where they are, to have a really involved interactive experience.

Sydney-based University of New South Wales had the number of students offering feedback on courses jump up recently. These students weren't able to get to their lectures as much as they would like, but they felt like they were getting a great immersive experience online.

We are seeing retailers take advantage of the modern workplace with best practices to better empower the floor staff. Engaging staff working in the retail stores to give feedback on what they are doing is driving the engagement up, between field workers and headquarters, in a way they haven't been before.

Retail headquarters are receiving great feedback and the floor staff get rewarded for getting involved in projects. This interaction between these two different departments within an organisation really helps to get a pulse on what's happening in the market and how to engage customers.

This is really just a taste of what can be achieved in the modern workplace. And I'm really excited to be able to bring our experiences in work transformation to readers and educate you on the need to become a modern workplace in the digital age.

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