Stay fully connected with Wi-Fi 6 Campus Network Solutions

Connectivity is essential for successful digital transformation. Huawei has a full array of Wi-Fi solutions that ensure comprehensive coverage under different campus scenarios so enterprises can stay ahead of the trend.

More than a buzzword today, Industry 4.0 is a critical part of digital transformation. Enterprises are seeking to change things up by adopting ground-breaking technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, smart cities, robotics, Internet of Things and more. Getting a step ahead, however, is not always easy. Change is difficult to foresee. If an innovation merely follows old ways of doing things, it may not help to make a big-enough leap.


Often, what drives truly transformative changes are those on the frontline. They can be different business units, operational departments, or sometimes end users. Instead of IT teams, they understand what works best. For them, simple upgrades to existing setups may not always bring meaningful change.

Take networks for example. We need good connectivity for all the innovative, technological wonders in AI, cool storage and data centres to operate at their highest levels, as well as productivity to be continually boosted. While the latest 5G technology generally links up geographically large areas for mostly mobile environments, Wi-Fi is a great fit for a wireless campus.

Business Needs Drive Changes of Technological Requirements

Introduced more than two decades ago, Wi-Fi has gone through major upgrades every four to five years, along with demand for more bandwidth and capacity. On top of these two basic requirements, a fully wireless campus needs stable, continuous signal coverage, low-latency service assurance, and lossless roaming to deliver fibre-like speeds and performance that is on a par with wired networks.

The advancements of networks seem predictable. With the explosion of data flowing through, enterprises need network technologies that not only fulfil their business needs, but also help them stay prepared for the future.

Therefore, solutions with flexibility are ideal for enterprises of varying sizes. For instance, small- and medium-sized campuses that do not have the budget to deploy 5G will find Wi-Fi 6 to be the best solution for catering high volumes of data transmission. For larger enterprises requiring high data density yet with light infrastructure, Wi-Fi 6 helps to magnify bandwidth and capacity.

As a customer-centric ICT company, Huawei always thinks ahead to get ready for the future by leveraging its ample experience with its partners across different industries. This mindset has driven Huawei to develop the game changing AirEngine Wi-Fi 6. This cutting-edge technology is created to redefine connectivity for businesses, education institutions, and factory floors.

Unique Features Make AirEngine a Top Choice

Huawei's AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 comes with several industry-first features, making it a top choice for campus networks. It has 16 spatial streams -- the most in the market -- supporting the industry's widest 160 MHz channels on 5GHz. The air-interface throughput tops 10.75 Gbit/s, twice that of the industry-standard Wi-Fi 6. For standard 2*2 Wi-Fi 6 terminals that support 160 MHz, the speed can easily exceed 1.5 Gbit/s.

Stable Wi-Fi connections require quality radios and antennas, regardless of the Wi-Fi standards. AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 Access Points (APs) are equipped with 16 smart antennas (the highest number in the industry), plus a unique dual-band, dual-polarised, co-planar antenna design, with Artificial Magnetic Conductor antenna materials. These Smart Antennas are supported on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz without bulking up the APs.

Huawei also applies other unique features in four-element electronic switchgear and dynamic coverage direction adjustment algorithms and beamforming technologies to enhance the performance. This enables

signals to move along with users, doubling signal strength at the same location, and expanding coverage distance by 20%.

SmartRadio Keeps Networks Reliable with Worry-free Roaming

Roaming is frequently required on a campus scenario. Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 shortens the handover time to as low as 10 ms with its SmartRadio technology, which can also minimise packet loss, ensuring the network operates at its best all the time.

Sometimes, some key users and latency-sensitive services encounter delayed data transmission issues, caused by untimely scheduling or insufficient subcarrier allocation. With Huawei's unique SmartRadio Dynamic Turbo technology, latency is now cut to just 10ms — 50% lower than that of the Wi-Fi 6 standard —ensuring user experience and improving stability for applications.

In dense environments, AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 flexibly adjusts the coverage direction, based on the number of access terminals, to warrant consistent signal quality for users. It is also the first ever solution to provide Continuous Self-Organizing Network (CSON) capabilities, which promises 100 Mbit/s network performance anywhere.

Innovative Collaboration to Guarantee Full Connectivity

Wi-Fi 6 will substantially change the course of digital transformation in enterprises, taking capacity and bandwidth to an unprecedented level, while also delivering an ideal user experience and superb service stability. As mobile offices become a new normal, connectivity has increasingly become important for all sectors.

As a leading contributor in this area, Huawei leverages its unique 5G technologies to offer outstanding solutions in with AirEngine Wi-Fi 6. The fast and always-on network gives enterprises a completely new model to operate their businesses. This helps to improve collaboration, communication efficiency, and speeds up the innovation process. Staff members, meanwhile, are set to be more productive as they are can be free from the cables while still being effectively connected anywhere.

Partnership is important to ensure the delivery of quality wireless campus networks across different sectors. On this front, Huawei will continue its collaboration with partners to bring in more advanced solutions. After all, staying connected is a basic requirement for doing business today.

About the author:

A 20-year veteran in mobile telecommunications, Li Xing has been involved in 3G/4G/WLAN product development. He has been in various key roles in networking structure design. Prior to his roles in Huawei, Dr. Li began his career at UTSTARCOM CHINA. CO. LTD. He is particularly experienced in network design, radio network planning and performance improvement, as well as pre-sales, bidding/tender, and engineering project management and deployment.

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