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ScriptWorx is an HTML/script editor that features more than a dozen ready-to-paste templates -- everything from an address book to pop-up messages -- as well as tabs containing comprehensive lists of click-and-paste JavaScript events and functions. It also adds support for such HTML elements as images, links, fonts, forms, and frames. A tabbed toolbar makes it easy to work with forms, frames, fonts, tables, lists, and more. Support is offered for style sheets, CGI, ASP commands, SQL, and of course, script languages. You can easily bounce back and forth between the RTF-style editor and the HTML preview pane and choose among seven separate formatting styles from a drop-down picklist. Other features include multilevel undo, find-and-replace, and RTF to HTML import. If you do a lot of scripting in JavaScript, ScriptWorx should prove a useful addition to your library of authoring tools.

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