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Reimagining businesses in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. This blog helps inspire companies become responsive, customer-focused enterprises.

Tech Exchange 89 articles

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Remove the barriers that hinder you from advancing in the evolving workplace. Read the blogs that will keep you collaborating, in a cloud-based, mobile and digital world. Find out which technology tools you will need to navigate through these disruptive changes.

ÜberTech 583 articles

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The cloud is redefining IT. The intersection of mobile, social, big data, analytics and cloud platforms allow IT leaders to innovate faster while managing their ongoing business challenges. See how the SAP experts interpret these latest trends at the ÜberTech blog.

Future of Work 19 articles

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Employee expectations are changing, teams are more diverse and security an increasing concern. Learn how to better communicate, collaborate and stay ahead in the new world of work.

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When you extend your environment into the public cloud and leverage IaaS or SaaS, who's in charge of keeping your apps and data secure? Read this blog to learn about critical considerations and solutions.

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Forward thinking teams are reimagining work. Fuelling innovation with secure, cloud-based productivity tools to revolutionise calling and meeting experiences with cloud voice.

Build What's Next 16 articles

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A guide for SMBs to prepare for a serverless world. This blog aims to inspire companies to implement a truly future-proof infrastructure

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This content series houses the latest news, issues and insights that shape the world of small business in these unprecedented times. It will celebrate small businesses and assist them in navigating the new normal post-COVID-19, making the big stories accessible, relatable and engaging.

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IT professionals across industries and company sizes are discovering cloud's value for traditional workloads and as a catalyst for innovation. Join the conversation and learn from your peers about the ways cloud computing can accelerate your company's IT evolution and boost your career at the same time.

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Cloud uptake continues to grow at a steady pace in APAC but concerns amongst CXOs to IT managers about challenges in the cloud remain. How can organizations simplify their datacenter strategy to ensure that they get cloud right the first time and make their IT efficient and future-proved?

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Today there are more things connected to the Internet than there are people in the world. In the very near future, pretty much everything you can imagine will wake up. This blog explores the next step.