How to save your iPhone from water damage Dropped Your Smartphone In Water? ••• Here's What You Need To Do To Save Your Device. ••• #1: Power It Down • Switch It Off As Fast As You Can. You'll Reduce The Chance Of An Electrical Short Circuit. ••• If The Phone Is Already Off, Leave It Off. ••• Don't Try Powering It Up Or Charging It Until You've Completed The Drying Process. ••• #2: Dry The Outside ••• Use Whatever You Have Available -- Towel, Paper Towel, Your T-Shirt. ••• Shake Out As Much Liquid Out Of The Ports As You Can. ••• #3: Dry The Inside ••• You'll Need: ••• A Plastic Bag - Ziploc-Style Is Best ••• Moisture-Absorbing Substance (Rice Will Do If Nothing Better Is Available.) ••• What's Better? Silica Gel Packets Or Dehumidifying Crystals (A Common Brand Is Damprid) ••• Put The Phone In The Bag With The Moisture Absorber, Seal The Bag And Pop It Into A Warm (Not Hot) Place.••• #4: Wait At Least 24 Hours ••• 48 Hours Is Better. Then Cross Your Fingers And Power Up The Phone. ••• #5: Prevention Is Better Than Cure ••• Even A Cheap Waterproof Case Or Bag Can Save You Hundreds Of Dollars And A Lot Of Headaches And Tears. ••• #6: Salt Water Is Likely A Death Sentence ••• The Only Long-Term Way To Recover A ••• Smartphone With Salt Water Damage Is To Take It Apart, Clean All The Components Using A Solvent Safe For Circuit Boards, And Reassemble. ••• Cola Is Almost As Bad. Even If Your Phone Survives The Dip, Corrosion Damage Might Kill It A Few Weeks Or Months Down The Line. ••• Alternatively, You Can Seek Out A Professional Smartphone Drying Service Such As Redux Or Drybox.

How to save your iPhone from water damage


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