Shopify thinks Apple made QR codes relevant again Shopify is adding a new feature to its toolset for merchants: Shopcodes. Shopcodes are technically QR codes that you can scan to make a purchase. Scanning one will also bring up a screen with more information on a product. QR codes are practically ancient in the world of technology. But Shopify thinks that Apple's release of iOS 11 will help reinvigorate the tech. Apple added native support for QR code scanning in its iOS 11 camera app. Previously, you had to download a separate app to scan QR codes. So now Shopify is making it easier for merchants to place QR codes on their products. They can be put on packaging, inserts, posters, and other marketing materials. They are also trackable, so merchants can see where traffic and sales are coming from.

Shopify thinks Apple made QR codes relevant again


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