Worried AI will take your job? Google wants to help you out Google's philanthropic arm, Google.org, wants to prep tomorrow’s workforce. *** It's committing $50 million to help people prepare for the “changing nature of work.” *** Specifically in jobs, industries, and opportunities that are emerging. *** Technological, social, and economic shifts will disrupt the workforce in the coming decades. *** But this is being driven in part by Google itself, which has an “AI-first" approach. *** Google’s philanthropic efforts are now focusing on three areas where nonprofits could help: *** Skills training, connecting job-seekers with positions, and supporting low-wage workers. *** Google.org is initially funding groups and programs across the US and Europe. *** It’s backing Code for America, which helps people use government services to find jobs. *** It’s backing France’s Bayes Impact, which uses machine learning to offer tips to job seekers. *** And it’s supporting Alia, which lets domestic workers pool their money as a sort of insurance. *** Google.org promised to spread out its grant over two years.

Worried AI will take your job? Google wants to help you out


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