$1 million reward for content piracy whistleblowers

The SIIA has won settlements from content thieves and it is looking for more companies to prosecute...
Written by Tom Foremski, Contributor on

Is someone in your company using copyrighted content internally without permission? Turn them in and qualify for a reward.

The Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) used to focus primarily on prosecuting companies illegally using software, but it also prosecutes content thieves.

Through its Corporate Content Anti-Piracy (CCAP) Program, SIIA pursues cases of copyright infringement of members’ content that are taking place by or within an organization. This content includes text-based publications like articles in newspapers, magazines and newsletters, books – whether in traditional print or made available online.

I know that ZDNet for example, faces problems with its content being scraped and illegally being used on web sites that try to make money by running Google ads next to it. It's often difficult to stop that practice because it's tough to track down the owners.

But if SIIA went after Google, because it profits from illegal use of copyrighted content, then that would go a long way to stamping out that practice.

If you'd like to win a reward you can file a content piracy report here:

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