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IT Policies and Procesures
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Crafting an effective IT policy can be a daunting and expensive task.

You could spend hours writing it yourself, but consider how much your time is worth. The average salary of an IT Director/Manager in the U.S. is about $100,000 (depending on geographic location, company, education, etc.). Over a year, that salary breaks down to about $48 per hour. If it takes you one work day to write an IT policy, that single policy cost you $384 ($48 x 8 hours).

Don't have time to write a policy? You can pay a consultant hundreds of dollars to create one for you or buy a single policy online for $25, $50, or more. You may even be able to find a handful of policies bundled together, but these packages can cost over $500. There is a better way.

Subscribe to ZDNet and TechRepublic's Tech Pro Research and for less than what it would cost to create a single policy, you get access to over 100 ready-made IT policies. Just download a policy template and customize it to fit your company's needs. Here's a sample of the policies in our library.

IT policy template downloads

IT hardware procurement policy: A strong hardware procurement policy will ensure that requirements are followed and that all purchases are subject to the same screening and approval processes.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy: Our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy describes the steps your employees must take when connecting personal devices to the organization's systems and networks.

Identity theft protection policy: Help protect your employees and customers from identity theft. This policy outlines precautions for reducing risk, signs to watch out for, and steps to take if you suspect identity theft has occurred.

IT Hardware inventory policy: This policy describes guidelines your organization can follow to track, process, and decommission IT equipment.

Drug and alcohol abuse policy: This policy provides a working framework for establishing rules and procedures that prohibit drug and alcohol use on company premises or in company vehicles.

Employee non-compete agreement: Don't let your valuable corporate assets and proprietary information walk out the door when an employee leaves the company.

Workplace safety policy: This policy will help ensure that your company facilities are safe for all employees, visitors, contractors, and customers.

Severance Policy: The Severance Policy outlines the differences between simple departure scenarios where the employee is paid a final check for the time they worked and any unused vacation hours, as well as more complex situations.

Severe weather and emergency policy: This policy offers guidelines for responding to severe weather activity and other emergencies. The download includes both a PDF version and an RTF document to make customization easier.

Interviewing guidelines policy: This policy will help organizations conduct useful and appropriate interviews with potential new hires, both from a proper methodology perspective and a legal standpoint.

Remote access policy: This policy outlines guidelines and processes for requesting, obtaining, using, and terminating remote access to organization networks, systems, and data

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