1GHz PCs from Dell in April

Dell, Evesham.com and Mesh follow Gateway in introducing top-of-line machines in Europe
Written by Matthew Broersma, Contributor on

Top computer maker Dell Computer has confirmed it will release 1GHz PCs in Europe next month, joining the trickle of computer makers to have announced 1GHz products here.

Dell announced late Friday it will ship Special Edition Dell Dimension running on a 1GHz Intel Pentium III in early April. The company did not immediately provide details on when it will begin taking orders for the machine, which was announced last week in the US.

Despite the gigahertz hype, many tier-one manufacturers are holding off on plans to bring the chips to Europe, underscoring reports of processor shortages. Intel, in particular, is said to have rolled its chips out in extremely limited numbers.

The first to ship 1GHz PCs in the UK will probably be Gateway, which says customers will receive its machines by late next week. Mesh and Evesham.com are planning early-April launches for their own machines.

Compaq Computer, on the other hand, is planning to bring its 1,000MHz PCs to the UK in July at the earliest. Other international OEMs had not announced European plans as of publication time.

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