3D Systems launches NextDent 5100, adds materials in bid to speed up digital dentistry

According to 3D Systems, NextDent 5100 can make dental devices faster and cut material waste and capital spending.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

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3D Systems launched a new digital dentistry system, the NextDent 5100, that adds 18 new resins and speeds the creation of custom dental devices at lower costs.

The NextDent 5100 and its collection of resins highlights how the innovation in additive manufacturing will revolve around materials and use cases with strong returns. NextDent now has 30 materials in its dental portfolio.

3D Systems CEO Vyomesh Joshi said in a recent interview that the company would focus on industries as well as materials innovation. Dental is one of 3D Systems primary verticals. "Our goal is making 3D production real and we will be doing that use case by use case," said Joshi, who added that the dental workflow will become more predictable and efficient with 3D printing.

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The company's NextDent unit targets dental labs and clinics of multiple sizes and provides workflow tools as well as 3D printing systems. The NextDent 5100 is designed to provide more indications, such as a dental implant for someone with gum disease, with one system.

3D Systems acquired NextDent a bit more than a year ago to combine its materials knowhow with its technology and target the dental market. According to SmarTech, the additive manufacturing and 3D printing market for dentistry will be a $9.5 billion opportunity by 2027.


The NextDent 5100 and its resin materials are designed to boost the efficiency of dental workflows.

According to 3D Systems, NextDent 5100 can make dental devices faster and cut material waste and capital spending. Dentists can cut their reliance on milling centers, and patients will get dental devices such as dentures faster. Denture production typically takes 14 hours of work in a lab to cast the first impression, and then there's shipping time and visits -- an average of five -- needed to be fitted.

NextDent's materials, which are approved by regulators such as the Federal Drug Administration, come in multiple colors to match a patient's teeth and gums.

3D Systems said the NextDent 5100 is in beta testing with customers and general availability is set for the summer. The system will be priced below $10,000. 3D Systems also will have training programs and reseller pacts to spread the NextDent 5100 to the dental community.

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